Samba Colorado and CO-Vid 19 Updates

March 16, 2020

Dear Friends and Family,

We just wanted to reach out before class tomorrow and acknowledge concerns about the Covid-19 pandemic. In light of the uncertainty created by the closure of schools and the increased threat of the coronavirus, we have decided to move our community classes to the Samba Colorado Online virtual studio! All classes will continue as planned in Mountain Standard Time, see schedule here. Visit us on Facebook for updates and fun ways to stay connected and healthy. Class schedule and price packages here.

All performances and workshops are also canceled beginning March 16th until further notice. During this time, the Samba Colorado staff will be working remotely, and the best way to reach us is via email. Now, we face a new challenge, and we ask that you join us in our work. We ask that you continue your membership so that we can use this revenue to do good during the time of uncertainty.  

Here is how you can support:

  • Book an online private lesson
  • Join our virtual dance class

At Samba Colorado, we care about you and your health and wellness. You are the heart of this organization and we know how much you depend on our community. We ask that you support each other and stay connected. As of right now, no one in our community has been in contact with the virus, but we know that the only way to keep our intergenerational community safe is to be vigilant about our own health. As always, we want our classes and outings to be a source of healing for everyone. Don’t hesitate to contact our team if you have any questions.  You can find more information about the virus here. Thank you for your care and concern.

Additional sources of information:

In positive light and vibrations, Axé, 

Kebrina Josefina De Jesús

Founder | Artistic Director