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Samba Colorado Presents “Embodied Liberation”

Dec 9 Showcase



“To be fully alive is to dance.”

Samba Colorado Dance Show and Fundraiser “Embodied Liberation”

Explore with us what it means to embody one’s own liberation. Samba grounds us into the earth, moving our bodies in alignment with universal qi. Through this dance, our bodies and voices reflect traditions and tell ancestral stories of the roots of Samba. This event will serveas our yearly fundraiser. Your support will help us fund costumes and materials from Brazil to purchase for our Ensemble Members.
“Embodied Liberation” is playing as a matinee show at the Syntax Physic Opera at 2590 Washington Street in Denver, Colorado on Saturday December 9th at 2:00pm. There will be bar service available. Tickets are $8 for youth, $12 in advance, $15 at the door, and you can pay by cash, check, or paypal.

Tickets available: https://sambaliberate.bpt.me/

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