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Dance Residency with Rosangela Silvestre! April 12 – 16, 2016

It is with great gratitude, respect and joy that we are pleased to host Master Teacher, Rosangela Silvestre, in Colorado! Join us for this unique collaboration, experience and spiritual process as we study the Silvestre Technique and Orixa Dance Movement.11845002713_aa9a17b5f6_k

*Opportunity to perform at the closing celebration*

Orixa dance movement- dance the movements and honor the archetypical forces of nature and the memory of our ancestors and their influence in our daily lives.

The Silvestre Technique is a continuously evolving contemporary dance technique which over time has progressed into a series of exercises – “conversations with the body” – that prepare the body, mind and spirit for Orixa dance.

*MUST attend all choreography classes to perform*

TUESDAY April 12
Canto Do Galo Capoeira
910 Santa Fe Dr, Denver, CO

5:30 pm – 6:00 pm Discussion FREE
6:00 pm – 7:30 pm Silvestre Technique
7:30 pm – 9:00 pm Orixa Dance Movement
9:00 pm -10:00 pm Choreography Class
$15 per class, $25 for two classes,
$10 Choreography class (separate)

A Place to B Studio
1750 30th St Boulder, CO

5:30 pm – 6:00 pm Discussion FREE
6:00 pm – 7:30 pm Orixa Dance Movement
7:30 pm – 8:30 pm Choreography Class
$15 per class, $25 for two classes,

A Place to B Studio
1750 30th St Boulder, CO

6:30 pm – 8:00 pm Silvestre Technique
8:00 pm – 9:15 pm Orixa Dance Movement
9:15 pm – 10:15 pm Choreography Class
$15 per class, $25 for two classes,
$10 Choreography class (separate)

FRIDAY April 15
A Place to B Studio
1750 30th St Boulder, CO

6:00pm – 7:30pm Orixa Movement
7:30pm – 8:30pm Choreography Rehearsal for those who are performing.

PreEminence Hall
3213 Walnut Street Boulder, CO 80301

9:00pm -12:30am
$5- $10 Cover
Doors open 9pm
9:30pm: Special Performance
10pm: Live Samba Pagode by Grupo Chegando Lá

– No Shoes in the space

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Biography ~ Rosangela Silvestre~
Rosangela Silvestre: Choreographer, instructor, dancer and creator of the Silvestre Dance Technique.


rosangelaRosangela is a native of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Dance and post-graduated specializing in choreography, achieving her degree from the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA). She has researched dance and music in Brazil, India, Egypt, Senegal and Cuba as part of her ever-evolving and eclectic palette of movement. She acquired training in such diverse techniques as: Martha Graham, Limón, Horton, Floor Bar, Classic Ballet, Dunham Technique, and has experienced diverse dance expressions – such as Germany Theater Dance, Contemporary, Folkloric, as well as Traditional dances of Africa and other continents. Her instructors include Raimundo Bispo dos Santos (Mestre King), Mercedes Baptista, Clayde Morgan, Carlos Moraes, Nelma Seixas, among others, beginning in the late 1970s.

Since 1981, Ms. Silvestre started to travel in and out of Brazil to teach, to train dancers, to perform, to lecture and to demonstrate, to consult, and attended seminars and residencies in diverse universities, dance festivals such as: Colorado College Dance Festival; New Orleans Dance Festival; and dance camps such as the California Brazil Camp each year. She choreographed numerous dance pieces for companies based in Brazil – Balé Folclórico da Bahia and Odunde – as well as Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Company, Ballet Hispanico Repertory Company, American Academy of Ballet, Roots of Brazil, Dance Brazil, Viver Brasil, Muntu Dance Theater, and the Kendra Kimbrough Dance Company. Her dance investigation and constant development created an opportunity to connect with the eclectic American musician Steve Coleman, with whom she traveled to diverse countries which have African roots in their music and dance. With Steve Coleman, Rosangela developed an idea to have the body as an instrument that provides the movement-form of any sound that can be captured – thereby discovering and creating dance at any moment. Rosangela is currently the choreographer of Viver Brasil Dance Company Directed by Linda Yudin and Luiz Badaró.

Rosangela’s use of her voice is an integral part of her work in dance. In September 2011 she completed the CD:
“Voices of Nature” recorded and produced by Mike Zecchino at The Nail Recording Studio in Tucson, Arizona.
Visit CD BABY to listen and purchase.