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Kebrina Josefina De Jesús established Samba Colorado in 2013 as Colorado’s first POC (Person of Color) founded Brazilian dance school and company. She has brought together people from all walks of life in an artistic, educational, and positive community. Together we share the joy and beauty of Samba and African Brazilian culture via dance and drum classes, workshops, educational outreach, and cultural performances. 

Mission & Values

Samba Colorado is a grassroots organization devoted to fostering and educating our community through Samba and African Brazilian dance tradition, music, storytelling, and arts education while improving individual life enrichment through a positively conscious, inclusive, and diverse environment. We are an equal opportunity organization and welcome all ages, gender identities, abilities, disabilities, races, body types, religions, cultures, and ethnicities. You are welcome here.

Donations Are Tax-Deductible

Are you passionate about preserving and celebrating cultural diversity? Then make a donation to Samba Colorado! Thanks to the Boulder County Arts Alliance, their fiscal sponsorship of Samba Colorado allows your contributions to be tax-deductible. Your donation, no matter how big or small, will help us sustain our efforts in promoting and preserving cultural diversity through our various programs, workshops, performances, and events. MAKE A TAX-DEDECTABLE DONATION TO SAMBA COLORADO TODAY! Join us in our mission to celebrate and preserve the cultural richness of Brazilian arts and culture!

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At Samba Colorado we believe that dance is:

Founder, Artistic Director, Choreographer

Born in Queens, New York to a family of Spanish, Portuguese, West African, and Native American ancestry, Kebrina Josefina De Jesús has fused her Latin, African and indigenous roots with the rhythms and traditions of experimental theatre and diaspora dance. With over 27 years of experience as an actor, director, and performing artist, Kebrina is also the Founder, Artistic Director, and choreographer of Colorado’s first Brazilian dance school and company, Samba Colorado. Through Samba Colorado, Kebrina provides community classes and performances throughout the Greater Denver area and nationally. The professional branch of Samba Colorado company performs nationally and across the Western mountain region, offering entertainment and education to communities around Colorado, Utah, Georgia, Arizona, Seattle, and California. Additionally, Kebrina participates in arts-based community service, encouraging her dancers to develop the community and spread their passion for the African and Caribbean diaspora, inclusivity, diversity, self-empowerment, and Somatic healing within the arts. Kebrina holds her Bachelor of Science in Speech Communications from Millersville University and her Master of Fine Arts in Theatre and Contemporary Performance from Naropa University.

Currently, Kebrina is a 200-hour Yoga & Mindfulness teacher and shares her practice at the Colorado Athletic Club, in the Denver Metroplex, and online. When Kebrina isn’t teaching Yoga, theater, or dance, she serves as an Adjunct Professor at Colorado College, teaching two originally curated courses in the Fall Blocks. She travels to Salvador da Bahia, Brasil to continue her research on the Roots of Samba and the Symbology of Orixa dance as an art form. Her vision is to dive deeper into the lineage of Mestre King’s teachings of African Brazilian dance and his pupil’s journey. Some of her Master Teachers and Mentors include Rosangela Silvestre, Ze Ricardo, Vera Passos, and Nildinha Fonseca. Kebrina has completed four certifications of participation in the Silvestre Technique in Bahia and shares this inspirational movement with others. 

Kebrina continues to expand her craft as a content creator in the holistic health and wellness industry, helping people heal and transform their lives beyond dance. Kebrina is available for private classes, choreography, devising workshops, college and university dance theatre residencies, master workshops, lectures, and performances.


A lot goes on behind the scenes at Samba Colorado and this team makes that happen!

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